Friday, 16 July 2010


Report. R.Lane. 15th July 2010

"Couldn't see much wildlife in this weather ! Par Beach Pool is increasing in depth for the 3rd day in succession, but it's definitely NOT the rain. It's the Southerly winds (3 days now) bringing the tide up the eastern stream again. Does not usually do this in July, all due to the wind direction, and strength. Recall how low the level was 4 days ago when the BHGulls were on a peninsula from bank out to post ! Now not even an island. However, after today's deluge we may see some rain water added to tidal, which will begin to drop off soon (tidal). "

Thanks for the report Roger.
I ventured out myself yesterday evening (1945 hrs) and was surprised how fierce the wind was as it blew from the sea and whipped up the water on the pool. Most of the Gulls and Wildfowl were off the water sheltering on the foreshore best they could. I counted cx 65 BH Gulls with only 2xJuvenile plus 1x Mediterranean Juvenile.
Needless to say..both the beach and sea were deserted.

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