Tuesday, 13 July 2010


  1. Report. R. Lane. 13th July 2010

"Spent an hour at Par (4.30 - 5.30pm), counting gulls mainly. On the Pool were 40+, B.H.Gulls, but only 2 juvs amongst them. This alone would be indicative of a bad breeding season, but the other day there were 4 juvs amongst 20+,B.H.Gulls, still not 'good'. There were around c.60 Herr.Gulls with a surprising c.30 2nd summer birds, and another c.30 adults.
On the Beach however there were another 50+, B.H.Gulls, apparently moving west, with very few juveniles seen. Whereas the c.50 Herr.Gulls were adults except for 15+ JUVS, down off the Clay Dry shed rooves, where of course they nested. These are still very dark and don't look like gulls at first glance! Must admit one got as far as the Beach Pool during the week, looking v. out-of-place among the pale 2nd-summ. birds. It's AS IF the 2nd-summ. Herr Gulls have learned to stay by the Pool-side where they stand a good chance of getting fed ! Hardly any were on the Beach, just adults and juveniles !
I noticed a small increase in LBBGulls on the Beach up to 6+. This would have included the one or two pairs which nest among the Herr.Gulls on the Clay Dry rooves. Only 1 adult and 1, 1st-wint. GBBGulls were noted. They tend to favour the western end of the Bay, particularly Charlestown.
Back on Par Pool 'oddments' included the 1 x Egret fishing (rather unsucessfully, but hopefully to feed a family nearby). There appear to be 3 x Coot families, one with c.5 chicks, one with 2 chicks and one with 1 chick (probably more to start with, the predation on Par Pool being high. Only 'intruders' were 2 x Dunlin which attempted to land, but were scared off on their way westward.
Back on the Beach the 'oddments' there were 1 x Oystercatcher (summered or return?), 1+, Whimbrels (heard) and 2 x immature Sandwich Terns (this years brood). Weather: cloud & rain !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

The Wildfowl and Waders do seem to be behind this year...hopefully things will improve very soon.

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