Monday, 5 July 2010

Families Day Out.

Report .R.lane. 5th July 2010

" Little of real interest seen but it has been a sort of "Families Day Out". While waiting at home this afternoon I was watching a family of r5 Swifts feeding, when a noisy crew of 5 Ravens, 'cronking' away at each other, as they flew from West to East, presumably another family. After I got the car back I ventured to Par, where the family of Coots still has at least 5 chicks and a family of C.Geese were on the sea, 2 ads and 5 goslings I believe. That is quite a long waddle from the Pool, so may have come down Par River. Last, and perhaps best of all was my first JUVENILE B.H.Gull with a party of ten adults, the juvenile seemingly attached to one adult. Which reminds me,it's time to look for juvenile Med.Gulls often seen in July and usually with BHGull flocks."

Thanks for the report Roger.

Glad you got yourself mobile again.


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