Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Blast from the Past.

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Stonechat .......Saxicola torquata
As things are rather quiet at the moment.... I have dug into the archives and come up with the Stonechats taken last July around the Gorse area of PBP.


  1. Is it usually this quiet this time of year?

  2. Hi Michelle.

    I am not really qualified to answer that; just a single years records to fall back on does not paint an overall picture.
    Probably the warm summer months and the large crowds of holiday makers have kept some of the waders away, or... maybe the cold winter has extended the breeding season and birds are behind on migration. Whatever the cause the season does seem to me to be behind this year.

  3. ...I love the softness that surrounds the bird. Beautiful images...

  4. Thank you Kelly.

    I do like soft focus approach myself..especially with the Stonechats perched atop the gorse.
    A nice dreamy effect.

  5. Hi Frank.

    Thanks for the comment. I hope things are a little more lively around your part of the country.


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