Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Marsh Fritillary's

What an interesting day yesterday was….not so much in the Birding World but the Butterfly, Moth and Dragonfly genre.

We were having a short break alongside the River Fowey in the Ninestones area when John Nicholls……happened along complete with magnifying glass and a very up market looking butterfly net. We were soon being introduced into the world of Micro Moths…One of those he showed us was just a small dot on a Buttercup flower. He later found a pair of copulating Marsh Fritillary’s which are in fast decline over most of Europe. which we were very lucky to have the opportunity of photographing .

Later we met Steve and Patricia Rogers and went back to the site and watched as Steve took very carefully thought out photographs. He also took a few photograph with my camera on his setup one of which I have put on the Blog to show how a professional attitude produces better images.

Now I cannot pick up tips verbally very easily but I most certainly do watch and take on board how another photographer operates even though I sometimes appear in Dreamland.

What did I learn.

Always use a tripod whenever possible for stability.

Plan your picture carefully….I watched Steve move blades of grass until he was happy with the resulting image.

It is not the equipment used…..but the person behind it.

I have been lucky in my two years in the Natural and Birding World that I have rubbed shoulders with
Some of the Counties top men and picked up a great deal of interesting information along the way and I hope I will continue to do so.

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