Friday, 18 June 2010

Holmbush Raptor

Report. R.Lane. 16th-17th June 2010.

"Sorry been out butterflying most of this week and all 'out of bounds'! Wish I had a rest up have been overdoing it again. So hot could not get indoors until 8pm last two nights, like an oven !
Last night (16th) was sat outside at 8pm watching brood of 4 young swallows being fed, swifts in the sky above, when swallows scattered and swifts moved away. Just caught glimpse of a fast powerful raptor heading toward Pinelodge Gardens, but no 'bins available. However, glimpse was enough to show we had a Peregrine or a Hobby, hunting over Holmbush !
Only a Grn.W'Pecker at Carloggas Dwns today, no new butterflies, nor at TresK Dwns."

Thanks for the report Roger.
Would like to catch up with the Green Woodpecker at Carloggas Downs.....only ever seen one in flight .

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