Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dunlin on PBP.

Report. R.Lane. 8th June 2010

"Not much to report on these wet days. Spent half an hour at Par today between showers. Not a lot, just 2 x Gannets at sea and strangely a summer plumage Dunlin on the PBPool. This may be the one that has been around for over a week now, and it comes to wash in the fresh water, apparently. But is this a late bird going North or an early one going South? It may just be a non-breeder (with nowhere to go!). Can't believe it is a local nester!
While at the Pool I counted the Goslings in the creche, of which there were 18, plus 6 extra ones (much larger) staying with their parents, hence at least 24 young still. I also counted the Swans and found 3 pairs protecting young, 2 with 3 cygnets each (different size) and 1 pair with only 2 cygnets, the latter being the smallest thus youngest. Total 8."

Thanks for the report Roger.
Not a walking about day ....

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