Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Report. R.Lane. June 1st 2010

One item I forgot in yesterday's listing (well away from
Treskilling Downs) was seen about 5pm in my rear view mirror while
parked up at Par West car-park (SX0753). Saw this butterfly alight on
the gravelled surface,'hopped' out of the car and sure enough it was
another Painted Lady singleton (1stJune), as I thought !

Today, 2nd June, after rain and indifferent weather this morning, it
was warmer and drier this afternoon, making a visit to Pontsmill
worthwhile (hopefully). Sat on the wall hoping they would come to me !
Had not counted on the vegetation growth and thus poor visibility during
the c.10days since my last visit. However, an hour produced the
following , firstly at P'mill,S (SX0755):- 1 x Sm.White; 2 x GVWhites; 4
x Comm.Blues.

On to P'mill,N (SX0756): 1 x Brimstone; 2 x Lg.Whites; 20+,
GVWhites; 2 x Orange-Tips; 1 x Red Admiral (egg-laying); 2 x COMMAS
(overwintered) and 1 x Sp.Wood. Also 2 x Sil-Y-Moths. Worthwhile were
the June Commas not many last into June month, and the summer brood will
be out in 2 to 3 weeks.

Thanks for the report Roger.
The vegation growth also surprised me when I went to the spot at PBP where Mark and myself saw the Cetti's Warbler. Could not get anywhere near to it now.

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