Saturday, 3 April 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (1st-2nd April 2010)

Have brief lists for 1stApr and 2ndApr. but weatherbound this 'Easter Sat' !
Thurs.1stApril,2010: St.Austell Sew Wks: just 5 x Swallows (no rain to concentrate them over tanks). Pontsmill: 2 x Chiff-chaffs (seen & heard); 1 x Goldcrest; 1 x Nuthatch (no Dipper!); usual titmice on feeders, slightly depleted by season) also 5 x ornamental Chicken, 5 x Guinea Fowl (one White), 1 x Peahen & 1 x PEACOCK (displaying to hen). This is NOT an 'April Fool' trick, but they were all fenced in an enclosure ! Par Beach Pool: c.8 x Sd.Martins; c.12 x Swallows and 1 x Blk.T.Godwit of course! Par Bay: 10+, LBBGulls; 1 x Sand.Tern and 5+,Gannets.

Sat.2ndApril,2010: Pontsmill: went birding but in 20mins of SUN, I saw first a COMMA butterfly and then a single male BRIMSTONE, just before the sun went in, again ! Also saw & heard: 1 x Blackcap; 2 x Chiff-chaffs (immigrant?); 1 x Nuthatch. Also met Geoff Barter and partner. After which returned to car and a flock of c.30 x Swallows had moved in and were feeding around hillside trees. Funniest thing, back at house with feeders, were 2 x Jackdaws extremely busy pushing sticks and bedding down two chimney pots BOTH of which were totally covered with plastic mesh! They'll never see that nest ! Par hardly worthwhile: Par B.Pool: c.10 x Swallows; c.5 x Sd.Martins (and 1 x Blk.T.Godwit !). Par Bay: 10+, Gannets, fishing, and 1 x Sand.Tern.
Back at Holmbush: 5 x Can.Geese flew west, over, and our first single Swallow flew over. Must have been an influx of Swallows on the 2ndApril methinks.

Thanks for the report Roger.
Things are still quiet on the birding front this end.
Angie and myself saw the same? Peacock last year at Pontsmill.

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