Saturday, 17 April 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (April 17th 2010)

"Day off today, partly due to G.Prix practice ! Did visit Par and saw 6 butterflies, cold wind-chill didn't help, nothing new in the butterfly line then.
However, I stopped by Par Pond just east of the marker to listen for the Cetti's Warbler but NOT singing (for 2nd evening running, hope it hasn't moved on to find a mate elsewhere !). But, in addition to Chiff-chaffs and Will.Warblers, there was some noise coming from the reed beds ! The place was heaving with SEDGE WARBLERS (well, half-a-dozen at least !), and also 1 x REED WARBLER at least. Most were only heard, except for 2 x Sedge Warblers (seen).
Could not find anything on the sea, no hint of the R.N.Grebe ! Maybe Mark, or someone, did a little better. Trouble is it's 'moving on' weather and I think we are being overflown by birds that a drop of rain would have grounded. But perish the thought, this sun was long awaited !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

The Cetti's is always going to escape me unless it shows itself clearly.
Nice to know the other Warblers are active.
Vettel all the way tomorrow.

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