Thursday, 8 April 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (8th April 2010)

'Birds for Thurs.8thApr.'2010:
Nothing exciting I'm afraid, just behaviour interest, hopefully. The usual crowd were at Pontsmill while I was butterfly watching, noisiest being Chiff-chaffs and Blackcaps! The Dipper was also on the stream. But high over the valley sides were 1 x Sp.Hawk & 1 x Raven, the latter was doing an interesting display flight 500ft. up, above the presumed site of it's nest and mate. Every so often it would flip over onto it's back and fly along upside down, diagnostic of a Raven but always a delight to watch ! The other birds were 6 x Buzzards, two of which grapled talons and fell earthward through about 100ft crashing into the high oak trees. I only saw one leave, looking more than a little dishevelled ! Battle over female or territory ?
The Par wilderness was 'filled' with noisy Chiff-chaffs, at least a couple of pairs courting, so hopefully there will be 2 or 3 nests. Goldcrests are still in the pine trees too, breeding? At the other end of the scale another Raven was circling high above the wilderness area c.300ft, I don't know if you can count this or not !'

Thanks for the report Roger.
Another lovely day and I am getting slightly worse so cannot risk breaking down.

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