Sunday, 4 April 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (4th April 2010)

"Nothing worth reporting for yesterday, 3rdApr.2010 ! Not a lot in the way of birds today, Easter Sunday, 4thApr.2010. Spent most of early afternoon hours at Pontsmill, only 'difference' appeared to be an increase in singing Chiff-chaffs and Blackcaps, saw the Nuthatch AND the Dipper again ! Spent most of time on Caermears Incline waiting for butterflies to come to me ! Due to the wind-chill i.e. despite the sun, the number of butterflies seen in 2hrs were as follows: 10+, BRIMSTONES; 1 x PEACOCK and 1 x COMMA (also 2 unidentified, since too fast and scruffy !)
Went to Par, rather late, but was difficult to park even ! Did look around the wilderness area (but very muddy still), and found another 1 x PEACOCK butterfly. Heard from friend Ray there were still a lot of singing Will.Warblers at the Sew. Works this morning, and 3 x Sand.Terns plus 1 x B.T.Diver off Spit this afternoon."

Thanks for the report Roger.
Again circumstances prevented me getting to Par today so I am glad of the report.
I still have not seen a butterfly this year so it looks as if I time it right Pontsmill could rectify matters.
The Manoa Valley is one of my favorite places I shall be chasing the Willow Warblers for the important year list.
Hope you enjoyed the Grand Prix.

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