Sunday, 18 April 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (18th April 2010)

" V.good Grand Prix, Lewis didn't win, quite, but nor did Vettel ! Watched the 'early' morning session so that I could go out this afternoon, but have to admit almost complete failure ! Butterflies at Pontsmill were so-so considering the wind-chill, but nothing new.
Moved to Par and there were a doz. butterflies in the wilderness, at least. But my stop at the reed-bed to listen for warblers was met with total silence, good job Mark heard some! I feared they had all moved on. I do find (yesterday) that when one starts, several others join in. If not one sings then none may do so. Evenings would be the best time.
I hope you remembered to take your camera into the grounds today, and some more birdfood !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

I also got up early to watch it. It was a good race and I think Button deserved his victory.
Yes I got everything ready for my hour stint looking for the Jay...then disaster struck...I had to make an unplanned trip that cost me thirty minutes of the sixty I had. Maybe the same thing happened to me...I waited for twentyfive minutes with only a lone Great Tit to show for it..then just as I was about to leave, down came the Nuthatch, Robin and Blue Tit. I grabbed some quick shots..nothing spectacular and had to leave. Maybe something kick starts them all off. Failure today.

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