Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Report from Roger Lane. 13th April 2010)

"Had about as poor a day as you had ! Where have they gone ? Away to set up territories and start nesting I hope. Some not far away, others up-country. Theoretically the place to be in Apr/May is on migratory headlands, in our case the Gribben or Black Head, neither of which we can drive to !
However my day was enlivened, like your's, at with the sighting of 3 x HOLLY BLUE butterflies, my first for the year and I believe for the 'patch'. Only a dozen other common species.
This evening c.6pm I called in Par B.Pool to see if I could hear Mark's Cetti's Warbler, and nearly got blown away by the racket of one nearbye (2 metres)! Not the song, but it's warning calls! No doubt about it, it was in the spot Mark said, just east of the marker post, and just MAY be setting up territory there ! Mind you I did not SEE it even at 2 metres ! (Don't know if there is a female around either)."

Thanks for the report Roger.
The Holly Blue is another for the year list.

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