Saturday, 17 April 2010

Missed Opportunity.

Angie was again visiting her friend and I decided again to checkout the site for the Jay. After baiting up the area I settled down in the car to wait. Within minutes the whole area became alive with birds. First down was a pair of Coal Tits followed by a duo of Robins and Chaffinch. Next Was the turn of a couple of Nuthatches who continued raiding the feed for the forty minutes I was there. A male Pheasant wandered by and then three Squirrels decided to join the action along with Blue and Great Tits. All this was happening right in front of my eyes a photographers dream especially the Nuthatches. Now the bad news....I left my camera behind because of a few later port of calls so I have no pictorial record of the event. Ironically I never saw the Jay.

Tomorrow we have to go back again and I certainly will have the camera with me.

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