Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Car Problems

Don't we all just love car problems..especially when they are not logical. Mine will go about ten miles perfectly then when it warms up the clutch pedal nearly hits the board. Once it has been left it is okay again. I believe it is water in the brake and clutch fluid that turns to steam and causes the clutch to travel before biting. Whatever the reason it curtails my activities and things are looking grim until it goes in on Saturday to be looked at.....until then it will have to be a trip to the Manoa Valley or local private site.
Keep the reports coming in .


  1. I'm sure cars have minds of their own.
    They're a complete mystery to me.

  2. Good luck Trevor, sounds like new fluid. Lets hope so.

  3. Hi Keith. Agree. They are so high tec nowadays you need a special computer programme to sort them out.

  4. Well I am hoping an all round bleed with new brake and clutch fluid will sort it out. But I guess one of the cylinders is probably playing up as well. If it is the one located in or around the gear box it will be very expensive job. I had a new clutch fitted last year when they had to take the box out for a corroded brake pipe. Eight hours labour at £75 per hour..cost me £900 pounds.


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