Thursday, 8 April 2010

Butterfly report from Roger Lane April 8th 2010

Thanks for mail, I don't chase butterflies any more, but let them come to me ! Incidentally I've got two more for your blog list, if you wish, from this afternoon's SUN.

At St.Blazey (town) in SX0655: 1 x SMALL WHITE, flew across road and car bonnet.

'Wilderness' Par west in SX0753: 1 x SMALL TORTOISESHELL egg-laying on nettles.

I also have an early date 2010 for the Red Admiral at Trenarren in 1Km Square SX0348:
Sat.6thFeb.2010: 5 x RED ADMIRALS flying in their overwintering

(PS: Dragons don't start until 1stMay, Damsels earlier).

Thanks for the report Roger....sorry it is up a day late.

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