Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (15th-17th March 2010)

" Trust you are enjoying the Cheltenham Festival ! 'Fraid I've got way behind with daily reports, not that there's been anything to shout about.
Mon.15thMar'2010: managed to get down to Porthpean for first time in awhile, not that there was anything unexpected, but did have the following 4 species - 50+ Fulmars (resident on ledges. and water) : 3 x Comm.Scoter; 4+, G.N.Divers and 1 x B.T.Diver (latter two often stay into May month). At Charlestown, the road is still blocked by building, hence just: 1 x Comm.Scoter and 1 x G.N.Diver glimpsed.
Afternoon at Menabilly Barton: only 10+ Goldfinch and 10+ Chaffinches ! Back down to Par Bay where there were only 10+ Turnstones, but 10+ Curlew flying east (upcountry to nest?). Could not find any GCGrebes, but it was rather rough.

Tues.16thMar'2010: at Pontsmill: 2 x Marsh Tits (on territory?); 1+, Stockdove (often nest) and 1 x Raven. On to the St.Blazey Valley, no butterflies (blessed chill NE wind), but 2 x Nuthatches, where they nest annually. Up to the Luxulyan Viaduct where only 1 x GSW'Pecker; 4 x Redwings (equaling my latest ever); 2 x Jays and 2 x Ravens (in nesting tree ?).
Back at Par (p.m): just Oystercatchers, same? 10+ Turnstones; 5+, L.B.B.Gulls & 1 x L.Egret.

Wed.17thMar'2010: at Pontsmill, usual crowd of c.30 x Coaltits; c. 20, Greatits; 2 x Bluetits (around feeders); 2 x LTTits nearby, on territory? and 2 x Grey Wags (no Dipper or Nuthatch today). Out to Menabilly Barton: very little but interesting since actually saw the 2 resident Kestrels mating on tree top ! Otherwise only 15+, Goldfinch. Quite barren these 'spring' days ! On the way back near Kilmarth, were 15+ Pheasants (6 Black). Finally at Par Bay found at least 2 x G.C.Grebes, so not all left yet ! Remember, any rain (Thurs?) brings birds down e.g. Sd.Martins over Pool and Waders on beach, hopefully !"

Thanks for the detailed reports Roger.
As I am off site at the moment they are more than welcome.

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