Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (14th March 2010)

"I thought you'd snuk off again at the weekend, well done on the new ticks and the interesting article. Not much to write about around here! Today I set out 'early' to see butterflies (as many people DID to the east and the far west!), when the thumping great black cloud came over and stayed all day!
"The birding on 14thMarch,2010 was rather indifferent, or rather did not have priority over the G.Prix ! However, starting at Pontsmill I did see the usual 1 x Grey Wag; 2 x Marsh Tits and 1 x Green W'Pecker (not common even here). Only other stop was PBPool and the big surprise was NOT ONE B.H.GULL, they having all gone 'up-country' to nest. However, in the Bay there were 3 x GCGrebes left at least. On the way out I saw another smart looking (immigrant?) Chiff-chaff.
"SID the Suicidal Squirrel": Whilst spending afternoon time at Ponsmill, there were no butterflies, nor many birds and my attention was drawn to the congregation of Wood Pigeons very high in the ivy-clad oaks on the opposite hillside, obviously eating the remaining old ivy-berries. They were near the top of an 80ft oak tree itself growing from 20ft above my position. One 'pigeon' emerged from the flock and climbed very carefully, higher than the ivy growth, until 100ft above the valley and a sheer drop! With 'bins I found it was not feeding on berries, but on tender oak tree buds (unopened) and was not a pigeon at all, but SID Squirrel ! he was some 2 or 3ft from the very highest oak buds now, having to go out each slender twig to collect them.
Surely he wasn't going for the top bud at the very peak of the tree? But of course he did, inching his way up as the slender twig bent beneath his weight and he was Upside Down, 100ft up ! He'll never make it, I thought but then he casually twisted around and came leisuely down the slender branches into the ivy-cover, as if he was on a Sunday stroll, which of course he was ! "

Thanks for the report Roger.
The Green Woodpecker is an interesting addition to the latest sightings list.

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