Friday, 19 February 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (19th February 2010)

"It gets worse and worse and none too warm either ! Again today is hardly worth reporting. Firstly I drew a blank at Pontsmill. There was rail track repair work (just above the feeders, which had been allowed to go empty for first time). Saw NOTHING, do hope you didn't waste time there !
So, first was Somerfields, and I got within 10ft of the Little Egret 'still' there ! Otherwise only a few Redwings.Just 1 x Tufted Duck at St.Andrews Pd. Then c.20 Redwings on Par Station football field. Even at Menabilly Car-park it was quieter than I had known, just 10+, Goldfinch and 20+ Chaffiches ! BUT being bored I noticed a group of Jackdaws hurridly take to the air and land immediately, when over their tree tops came a v. large female PEREGRINE ! At least one '1st for the year' for me ! Near Kilmarth were 10+ Pheasants feeding (4 black).
Down to Par B.Pool to be 'met' by another L.Egret on the eastern perimeter stream ! On the Pool were just 10+, Tufted Duck and 2 x Gadwall (a pair). Could hardly park at western car-park, just long enough to see 8+, GCGrebes still wintering, some may move on soon. Hope you got out today."

Thanks for the report Roger.

No I had to stay away again today. Hesper our dog was at the vets having six teeth out and I was waiting for the call to go and collect her. She is okay just feeling a little sorry for herself.
Still it looks like I did not miss much.

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