Monday, 8 February 2010

Early Start

Got up to the site early 1015 hrs and was greeted by a sight that is often seen at the pool. A lone man with a large amount of bread was feeding the Swans and shooing away the Gulls. Everything on the pool was around him except the T-Ducks and a right old melee it was . Then right out of the blue a large black dog charged into them sending them in all directions...he even went into the pool after them..the man looked crestfallen as he tried to find the owner and pin the blame. Nothing doing, the dog left as quick as he came charging across the car park into the dunes. The guy visible shaken got into his small car and drove off.
I counted eight Tufted Ducks, twenty eight Mute Swans and seventeen Oystercatchers at the far end by the caravans plus the usual Canada Geese, Wildfowl and Gulls.
I saw the full patrol(nine) of Great-crested Grebe in the sea off the Polkerris end of the Bay, a lone Turnstone, and Rock pipits around the seaweed by the river.

Further upstream of the river I saw a Little Egret roosting in the trees and made my way through the Wilderness to try for a photograph which I did manage from a distance. While I was photographing the Little Egret a Kingfisher landed within seven or eight foot from me on a branch over the river and in a blink of blue flash was gone again. My prize..a Year Tick.
Stonechats were active again but I could not quite get close enough...still they always are a welcome sight.

The Ship Inn Mistle Thrush was visible again at 1100 hrs.

The still very muddy Menabilly Barton car park yielded up flocks of Chaffinch and Goldfinches. Redwings were also about in fair numbers.

A quick visit down the Manoa Valley was rather quiet today with just the usual L.T.Tits, Goldfinches and a Song Thrush showing.

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