Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Dippy Day

I decided to have a look at Pontsmill this morning 1000hrs and was not disapointed.
The house feeder had a stream of visitors and it was a joy just to sit and watch them.
Photographs were out of the question as one does have to respect peoples privacy.
A walk as far as the Old Mine working did not produce much in the way of LBJ's but woodland I feel is a hard place to see birds. At the top of the Mine workings is a small stagnant pool always covered in a thin green slime and lo and behold ...a male and female Mallard.I did not expect that. Just goes to show this birding lark is a funny old game. On the return I recorded a Dipper.

At St Andrews Pool the lone Tufted Duck was paddling with the usuals crew of Wildfowl ,Swans and Geese.
At the Cafe the Long-tailed Tits divebombed about with Blue Tit , Great Tit, Marsh Tit and Robin providing back-up.

PBP was its usual self...nothing I saw was out of the ordinary. The Tufties do appear to have left now.
Ten Oystercatchers were at the the waters edge at the far end by the caravans.
Surf was up again so I returned home noticing the Mistle Thrush was back again opposite the Ship Inn at 1230hrs.

After lunch 1400hrs I visited the Manoa Valley but it was really quiet today and nothing to record except two Dippers. was a dippy day.

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