Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (5th January 2010)

"Despite the ice & snow, I managed to do my customary afternoon hour at Par, and for once it was quite rewarding, if a little chilly !

When I left home all I had seen was the garden Blackcap ! I stopped off for a moment at St. Andrew's Pond, and along with 2 male Tufted D. was a large Muscovey duck (plus a few Redwings), Bit difficult to know whether to count this bird, although I believe it's down as an escapee, but 'should be re-ported'.
On to PBP where it seemed perhaps wildfowl have moved south. Roosting around the edges of the Pool in reeds were: 4 x Teal; 3 x Gadwall (1male) and 4 Shovelor (1 x Ad. Male, 1 x 1st-wint. and 2 fems).
The Pool was 75% ice covered again which probably explains the reason that the best duck was on the sea!
The tide was out and hence sundry species were about on the beach including: ubiquitous Oyster-catchers; 15+, Turnstones; 1x Bar-T-Godwit and 1 x R.Plover. On the sea were 7 x GCGrebes; 1 x GNDiver; 1 x B.T.Diver and best of all, a long way out (being low tide) a Black & White 'something' which was too far out for my 'scope', I thought I knew what it was, and this was confirmed as the tide allowed it closer to me, when the 'scope enabled I.D. of 1 x ad.male GOLDENEYE. The first I'd seen on the sea of Par Bay (although a sea-duck) and almost 10 times as 'rare' as a female, such as that on the Pool in December. Worthwhile !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
Well done braving the terrible weather...a justifiable reward.

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