Sunday, 31 January 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (31th January 2010)

"I crept out this afternoon when it got warm enough, same old places, birds only slightly different.
Started at Menabilly Barton car-park under mud. Found the flock of 50+, Chaffinches, then two 'unknowns' flew overhead with diagnostic flight, which turned out to be 2 x SKYLARKS (another year tick) before the end of January !
Back to Kilmarth and was surprised to see a single flock of 25+ Ravens, equalling my personal record for S.C'wall (25+ at Trenarren, April 2009?). Probably gathered at a carcass (or sheep lambing) since all wheeling over one field. Also in the vicinity were: 20+, Lapwings; 30+, Fieldfares and 2 x STOCKDOVES (another year tick for me).
St.Andrews Pond had 7+, Teal; 1 x Shoveler and 3 x Tufted Ds (better than Par Beach Pool !). At the Pool I could find only 1+, Snipe and 5+ Tufted Ds. Par Bay, in contrast to yesterday, was ruffled with wind, and although I found 7 x GCGrebes there appeared to be only 1 x GNDiver."

Thanks for the reports Roger. As you know we have been around the Somerset Levels for a day. A condensed version is....we saw 70 plus species of birds and four of them were life ticks.

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