Saturday, 2 January 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (2ndJanuary 2010)

"Not a lot to report, but met Mark at PBP (first time for a month), and hence he saw similar birds I gathered ! I did go to the Manoa Valley earlier, and did a little better than yesterday (the 'score' for which was zero!). Am trying to get the 'common' stuff for my year list, but only added 10 to my 35 of yesterday, as below:

Half an hour at the Sew.Wks produced (for my list) just 10+, Chiffchaffs; 1 x Goldcrest; 3 x Goldfinch and 1 x G.S.W'Pecker (also C.Wren and Buzzard).
At PBP, as well as Mark, saw 20+, Snipe; 1 x Comm.Gull; 1 x Dabchick and 3 x GADWALL (same male plus the 2 females) seen in Dec.month, also 1 x Oystercatcher and 3 x Tufted D.
Could not park at western car-park, but stayed long enough to see there were 8 x GCGrebes in Par Bay again. Congratulations all on the good 'haul' yesterday everybody !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
We were also at the Manoa Valley but at a different time I guess.

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