Saturday, 23 January 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (23rd January 2010)

The butterflies (2 Rd.Adms) were yesterday 22ndJan'10! At 2degsC lower temp., plus wind chill, I did not try for butterflies at Trenarren, today, or anywhere else for that matter. In fact I drove around like a lost soul ! Got as far as Respryn but it was full of mud and people !
I did pop down to Porthpean at lunch time but people nearly hemmed me in! All I saw were 40+, Fulmars; 2+, Comm.Scoter; 4+, GNDivers and 2+ B.T.Divers (only bird seen at Respryn was a M.Thrush !)
Back at Par Pool there were 15 x Tufted Ds, and in Par Bay 6+ GCGrebes !
Oh, while I recall, the 'Ship Inn' M.Thrush was feeding with Blackbirds nearer to the sluice gates (4pm). The Pool is still flooded of course but the depth marker is just showing today, Sat. Whereas yesterday, Fri. it was completely sub-merged !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
I know the Mistle Thrush is avoiding one local lady so your report about its latest movement is well worth printing.


  1. I saw it :-) The MT that is.
    Through my kitchen window on the 23rd. Haven't seen it since mind but I have a blurry photo. Will upload to

  2. Well done will see him everyday now.


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