Friday, 1 January 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (1st January 2010)

"Happy New Year and well done on the days excellent species total. I guess it helps to have more pairs of eyes and good hearing ! Funny I nearly pulled into St.Andrews Pond as I went toward Par, wish I had now ! All I saw was the Tufted D. (male asleep)! Although I had about 35species today none of them were exceptional (that's without getting out of the car!). Drew a complete blank at the Manoa Valley for the first time ever ! All I've seen was as follows:

Visited the Gribben Road and drove out to Menabilly Barton where, surprisingly, the only birds were the flock of 30+ Lapwings (Grn.Plovers) flying due south very rapidly, possibly out to sea, knowing how cold it was to get tonight ! Back near Kilmarth, over Penhale Farm land I saw 10+, Collared Doves and the wintering Fieldfare flock of 20+ birds, with a single Mistle Thrush nearer to hand.
Down at Par Beach Pool I have never seen so many people (c.100+ cars) being New Year's day, could not even find a spot to stop, initially. Later at the Pool I did see: 3 x Tufted D., 1 x Dabchick and a Comm.Gull or two. At the western car-park, same old story but now 8 x GCGrebes and just 1 x GNDiver."

Thanks for the report Roger.
I am going to have to chase those wintering Fieldfare (patch tick) and the Mistle Thrush ( Life and patch tick)very soon.

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