Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Little Grebe

I had a quick visit to the pool today and got one patch tick and three year ticks.
My old friend the Rook greeted me again today..he was perched up in the tree about eight feet from me . I took a quick shot with twigs obscuring part of his face and body then he moved. Not far. ..just onto the next branch so I could get a clear shot. I thought .ummmm he has done this before and I had a quick glance about to see if I could see his mate rattling a tin. What a sport and character he is.
The PBP gave me the patch tick when I saw a Little Grebe disappear into the far reed bed. What surprised me was I had no other reports of a Little Grebe on the pool all last and this year. Silly me. Roger put me right and told me they have been calling them Dabchicks...well you live and learn.
Now the other two year ticks were......a roll of drums.......................Blue Tit and Greenfinch....patience is the Watcher's virtue.


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  2. Well Done on the ticks. I've yet to see the Little Grebe yet this year !

  3. I nearly missed him myself....he darted into the reeds smartly enough though I doubt it was anything to do with me as he was at the extreme edge of the pool.


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