Monday, 11 January 2010

Fast Train.

A strange sort of day where most things seemed to be in reverse order. I initially decided to visit Menabilly Barton again to try for a Mistle Thrush/Song Thrush/Redwing and Fieldfare photograph...I ended up down the Manoa Valley.
A slippy walk on the melting ice yielded nothing but the usual Goldcrests, Wrens and Thrushes and no photograph was worthy of the Blog.
After lunch and returning Angie back to work I had a look down the Menabilly Road. Everything seemed a lot quieter than it was yesterday. Chaffinches and a Black Pheasant were feeding by the Church on what I suppose was feed left out for that purpose by a farmer. Nothing really showed at Barton except a few Redwings in the *Bull* field leading down to the farm. They were all out of camera range and easily spooked.
Next stop Par.
As I passed a cottage on the way back I noticed a movement in a field opposite and glanced what I thought was a female Pheasant. Stopped car..grabbed camera ...saw said bird still there about 40 yards out and photographed it for the record .
Getting closer was out the question as it took off almost immediately...
Saw plenty of activity on the pool at PBP but saw little to get excited about. A pair of Shovelers were over the far side with the Tufted Ducks close at hand.
Met both Ian and Roger at the top car park and showed them the poor photograph. It was confirmed just as I had suspected as a Woodcock. Whooooee another Life Tick...the Watcher is on the Fast Express.
A little Egret was photographed fishing the stream by the Indian Restuarant.

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