Monday, 11 January 2010

Can anyone help out Roger with the Info?

"I wonder if you might ask your faithful public, who saw the Red-Crested Pochards: where and when? All I know is that several were seen on both St.Andrews Pond and Par Beach Pool, both yesterday (10thJan) and today (11thJan). Can we find out perhaps who was lucky enough to see them, the numbers involved and the times present, since they are extremely rare at Par, even over the last 25yrs.
Regarding today, I learned of their short visit from a photographer from Camborne (?),who had driven up especially to see them, but I could only direct him to the male Goldeneye in order to 'make-up' for the 'missing' R.C.Pochards ! Seemingly there was relatively little about this afternoon. At St.Andrews Pond were just 4+, Tufted D and 3 x Shoveler (1 fem.), but no RCPochards !
At PBPool were 10+, Tufted D.; 4 x Gadwall (2 males) and 3 x Shoveler (1 fem), unles the latter had flown back from St.Andrews Pond ! From the western car-park (admittedly at high tide) were 6+, GCGrebes and 1 x SHELDUCK (a new tick for the year !). Can you help with the visit of the Red Crested Pochards?"


  1. I was wondering to .. Maybe it was Nigel Climpson.
    ? I shall email him.

  2. No one on Bird forum knows who it could have been. Any other info?

  3. Hi Mark, Ashley.

    Nothing has come to light this end. I am led to believe there were eight at one stage. Whether this was split between the two pools I do not know. It is rather strange that no one has come forward saying they have seen you well know Par has a lot of regular birders and I am sure something would have leaked out by now.

  4. I wonder if there was a mis-interpretation when submitting the news, Loe pool has had some, (Loe pool/Par Beach Pool) Hard to make that mistake but you never know.
    Mark/Trevor do you know any other birders that may have seen it.
    I bet it was Angie and she's keeping it quiet from you trevor :-)

  5. At the moment we do not know of anyone who claims to have seen it. that is funny.

  6. Ash, you'll get me in trouble! He's always asking me if I'm really going to work. He'll think I've been off out moonlighting and trying to get ticks without him! :-)

  7. You work?, I thought you was a Pro Birder/photographer!!! ;-)
    oops said to much.....

  8. I will keep asking around .. I'd be quite proud to have found them lol

  9. Has anyone asked on the CBWPS Forum? could be worth a shot.


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