Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Report from Roger Lane. (30thDec 2009)

" High-tide and high numbers of cars at Par today meant few birds, anyone would think it's a B.Hol.! In fact due to people everywhere there were ZERO birds of any interest. The only interest to me was the fact that the tides are high enough again to enter the Pool, 2 'blues' were showing below the read, today only the red was visible ! So I went the Manoa Valley and Porthpean, neither of which was productive, as follows:

I visited the St.Aust.Sew.Wks in the Manoa Valley, but due to the high air temps (9degsC) and the weak sun, the small birds were well dispersed, some high in trees due to low wind-chill. However, I was able to find c.10 +, Goldcrests and at least 20+, Chiffchaffs. But the L.T.Tits were out roaming probably outside the Sew.Wks.
Moving on to Porthpean, the high-tide and B.Hol.visitors, did not help, but managed to find the following: 20+, Fulmars (many on ledges); 3+, Guillemots; 1+, Razorbill; 2 x Comm.Scoter; 6 x GNDivers and 3 x BTDivers, the latter sleek and active, making the GNDs look cumbersome!"

Thanks again Roger for the report.
Things are starting to hot up a little with more reports coming in.
I agree the conditions were not ideal for us birders but I guess they were perfect for other activities.

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