Monday, 7 December 2009


Another quick visit to PBP. The sun came out of the clouds at 1400hrs and I was off to the site.
The depth of the pool had dropped an inch or two on the marker. Whether it had been drained or not I do not know...Roger Lane is the authority on things like that and he has been missing for a week or more now. Anybody seeing him please leave a message on this blog as I would like to know everything is okay.
My last two visits have not produced any Canada Geese...maybe the water level is too high and they are elsewhere. I will keep the blog updated on this issue.
Very little was seen on the visit, just the usual residents on the pool . The woodland birds did a fantastic job of disappearing as I did not see any close enough to photograph.
Nothing unusual on the shoreline so it was left to a poser on the post to supply today's photograph.

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