Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Reports from Roger Lane.

"Not a lot for today Tues.17thNov. Did butterflies this morning, only got 12 x Red Admirals in total.
Visited Par briefly (2pm?) this afternoon, hardly worth it: on the pond 7 x Tufted D. (again!). The council have opened the sluice gate (slightly) to let the flood water out (down the eastern stream), and thus the red marker is showing again 'Pond Full' exactly !
Otherwise, in the (rough) Bay (3pm?) I was not surprised to see a GCGrebe again, but close by, and well inside Killyvarder Rocks, was a G.N.DIVER, not seen one so close in before. "

"Charlestown Wall at about 1.30pm today (16th), there were several GNDivers; at least two x BTDivers and 13 x Comm.Scoters (a flock of 9 females, 2 more females and a pair (male + female). There were several Shags already with Crests, ready for the Spring !"

"Forgot to say that yesterday (15thNov) there were 9 x Tufted Ducks on PBP (including a female 'scaup-face' Tufted). Today (16th), I could only find 7 x Tufted D; a BHGull with Darvic ring number 2V77 (!) and 2 x Comm.Snipe. While in the (rough) Bay today: only 2 x Gannets; 2 x Comm.Scoter and 1 x GCGrebe."

Thanks for the reports Roger...sorry i have got a little way behind.

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