Thursday, 5 November 2009

Gulls on Posing Post


  1. Cracking shots Trevor. They do like to pose, don't they lol

  2. how neat a shot! and i love the comment above because i think it true! living so close to the coast here brings our gull friends too - one of my favorite things to do is sit and feed them at different places - aside from them now recognizing me and my car, there are one or two that i KNOW are posing for me - if i'm still in the car, one in particular will come sit right at the windshield wipers and peer inside - he sees me pulling my camera out and setting it up on the dash but seagull doesn't back up - comes closer, peering all the while! such fun - and my little namesake granddaughter squeals and squeals when they get so close! wonderful time!

  3. Yes they do Keith. I will say that about can get close up to the birds.

  4. How lovely Jenean that is how to keep a granddaughter happy.


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