Sunday, 11 October 2009

Two Reports from Roger Lane.

10th October 2009

" Forgot to tell you, while recording butterflies at Trenarren this morning (10th) I saw a flock of 50 to 100 Swallows and Martins. Estimate 90% Swallows, only c.10 House Martins feeding higher up (above swallows).
Locality was thus Black Head. in 1Km Sq: SX0348."

11th October 2009.

" Visited the Pool after lunch, but no sign of Otters wouldn't you know ! Checked the spraint stone that was, only to find it totally overgrown, and access to it (from Pool) blocked by uncut reeds. It occurs to me the Otters may also be on 'post-breeding dispersal' and may not stay around, but let's hope so. I wonder if the fresh supply of fish (from the sea) brought them out !
Stangest thing today was TOTAL lack of Can.Geese after midday. Don't know if related but they all flew west last evening (Sat), a few passing over Holmbush (i.e. not to the Gribbin fields). Why have the Geese deserted? I reckon either due to increased water depth (can't reach any weed?) OR increased salinity from the sea-water. (I notice the depth marker is still just showing 4 blue markers (no change until next series of high tides, at least).
Few birds seen today: at PBP: 1 x G.Heron, 4 x Swallows (flew west) and 1 x Snipe.
Par Bay: 2+, Turnstone (!), 1 x L.Egret, 1 x Gannet, 6+, Linnets."

Thanks for the reports Roger.
We did not manage an appearance today as we were on an errand up North of the County

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