Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Survivor.

Mute Swan....Cygnus olor
It is surprising with the amount of swans on the PBP (thirty plus) that we have only the one surviving cygnet this year.


  1. There was a young swan (just getting its first few white feathers on the site on the 5/10/09.
    It flew in and joined the younger cygnet.. came from par beach direction. Stayed until it got dark. May hang around .. will keep a eye out

  2. oh, what a beautiful creature! just the past few weeks i've seen several flocks of geese headed south - a lot of them stop off here in some of reserves - it's so wonderful to see them - for several years i was on the beach and then on a lake but now am in the city with no bodies of water nearby - i really miss seeing them all as i used to - great post!

  3. Thanks for the info Mark. Did not see it today though.

  4. Hi Jenean.

    You could hardly miss the geese on the PBP. We often have three hundred plus Canada Geese feeding on and around the Pool.
    When I first started this blog in early May one of the first photographs I took was of the Swan with three young Cygnets.. only the one survived.


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