Monday, 5 October 2009

Slippy Slipway.

I had a quickish look around the site at 12-00 hours. The depth marker was as stated earlier.
My look at the PBP was really quite brief and I did not notice anything unusual.
What I did notice however was the amount of birds flying around the trees. A Song Thrush was bathing in a pool of water..and a little while later a Blue Tit and Dunnock were doing the same. I photographed at least three different Robins maybe four. A flock of Goldfinch were seen landing in one of the trees the usual Great Tits, Wren, Blackbirds and Chaffinch were all visible and I am sure we could add Chiffchaff and Stonechat to the list.
While looking for the Kingfisher I viewed an Aeriel display of two Grey Wagtails enjoying themselves.. I also saw another one a hundred yards away from the last sighting but I cannot be sure if it was a different bird.
The Grey Wagtails were too far away for my lens and I decided to get a mite closer....bad mistake.. I slipped on the slipway and landed in the mud..somehow I threw the camera away from the concrete and going to press all seems well if not a little muddy.

The shore visit was very brief . My trousers and underwear were very wet and I was far from happy.
The only waders I saw were Turnstones along with the usuals. Crows and Gulls.


  1. This is even funnier reading than it was when you told me at lunchtime... :-)
    You really need to be more careful - You are not as spritely as you used to be! You should have apptly posted this on "A & T" Birding... ;-)

  2. Hope the camera survived.

    Sorry for laughing when I read this Trevor. lol

  3. I new they called it a slipway for some reason .. in all seriousness i'm glad you didn't hurt yourself.


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