Thursday, 15 October 2009

Roger Lane Reports

No sun today, so 'did' the rounds of Par Bay. Starting at the Menabilly Barton car-park, where there was very little except for the 120+, GOLDFINCH flock.
Back to Polkerris, the sea still entirely empty of wintering birds. Only bird of any note was the Par KESTREL flying over the sea toward the Gribbin !
Best stop was the high ground field at Kilmarth (opp. Daphne Du Maurier's old house). Here there was a MISTLE THRUSH on the electicity wires, stopped to check it out, and a flock of 100+, LINNETS flew up to wires ! Oh yes and 6+, PHEASANTS.
Down to Par, not a lot on the Pool (though I see the Geese are back (!), so they don't mind deep or saline water after all! ) I did see the LITTLE GREBE, the lone immature male TEAL feeding beneath the legs of the geese ! And no less than 45+ MOORHENS on the water, how many more were in the reeds ?
Finally Par Bay was obliging for once with a flock of precisely 10 WIGEON, and best of all two (more) pale-bellied BRENT GEESE.

Thanks for the report Roger.
I did manage to see the Brent Geese this time.(Patch Tick).

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