Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Roger Lane Reports

" I see the level only went up one inch or so 'overnight', though there is a delay in dispersal across the Pool, and there are blockages (green sea-weed, plus uncut reeds) which prevent the full force of sea-water. However, tonight's should have been higher than yesterday due to the strong S/SW wind. At flood tides I have seen the whole eastern car-park under water !
Regarding 'all the small birds, yesterday at Par, I guess it's just post-breeding dispersal, soon we shall have flocks of birds e.g. finches moving through to warmer climes, and our own resident flock of Green-finches, Linnets and the like.
Today at Par (6th) was hopeless, and wet ! Found out that the 'female Teal on the Pool is in fact an immature male ! The same one, feeding amongst the geese (!) but now sporting a bright green speculum. (I had it down as a imm. fem. Wigeon !!!).
The only 'action' was way out in the Bay with a flock of 10+, Gannets (20+ altogether) and also a Peregrine low over the waves.
Also went to C'town just as the mists cleared (4pm) and only action there was also 30+,Gannets following a fishing Factory Ship, with hundreds of gulls. In fact it made me realise I should have gone to Chapel Point, Mevagissey and done a sea-watch from the car, but it was too wet, too long !"

Thanks Roger for the report.

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