Monday, 5 October 2009

More from Roger Lane.

" For me the most interest was up to 18.30 hrs, watching the high-tide force it's way up the eastern cliff stream, and I eventually watched 100's of gallons of sea-water pour into Par Pond, by watching at "the Kingfisher Sluice". The sluices are Closed (attempting to keep previously low water IN pool ?), but the sea-water works it's way under the sluices giving deep water INSIDE the sluice gate. I drove back to the nearest part of the Pool (as you drive in), and stopped at the water-depth marker just over the grass, past causeway to island, in space before reeds. At 6.30pm (dusk) tonight (Sun) there were SEVEN blue markers showing and the red 'danger pond full' marker at the top. Hope to 'read' it tomorrow to see if/how the depth has increased! You should be able to see sea-water pouring in to Pool at very last light (c.7pm?)."

Thanks Roger.
I shall have a look to see what changes the Equinox tide has had on the PBP.


  1. Very interesting .. will keep a eye on that

  2. I wonder what sort of effect this has on the Pool.


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