Friday, 23 October 2009

Med Gull

Reply to John Rance regarding the Med Gull with the green coloured ring on its leg.

"Many thanks for reporting a colour ringed Med Gull. Unfortunately, it's not possible to tell you more about this Med Gull, except that it can come from France or Germany.

We would really appreciate if you could try to read the ring in the next days."

Thanks John for the update on the Med Gull with the green ring.
If anyone was fortunate enough to have read the numbers I would be happy to forward them on to John Rance.
If as I suspect the gull was just passing through I doubt the opportunity to read the number will present itself again...still all birders live in hope.


  1. Have a look at Monty's blog. He photographed a Med at Hayle with a green leg ring.

  2. Thanks for the info Sam. I have left a message on his blog ..but I feel they were some way away and probably out of reading range. Still we all live in hope.

  3. I will keep my eyes peeled down there and again hope it maybe still around


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