Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Report from Roger Lane.

"I started out on the 'Gribben' Road i.e. Menabillt Barton, then, Tregaminion, then Polkerris (nothing, totally parked up could not use the 'scope), then to Par Beach Pool. Briefly then:

Menabilly B. Car-park: Flock c.120 Goldfinch (on set aside fields).
3, Mistle Thrush flew over.

Tregaminion: 1, Kestrel
5+, Pheasant (2 Black)

Par B.Pool: Gulls and B.H.Gulls. Nothing else to see at high tide (3.30pm)
so went through most gulls on pool. Masses of Herr.Gulls (from
Scandinavia? Already in winter plumage, dark heads etc) and
B.H.Gulls galore! Amongst the hordes found :

1 x COMMON Gull (adult, my 1st this autumn)
1 x MED.Gull (an immature, see below)

The Med gull was my 4th this autumn, but SO different. It was in fact a juvenile, moulting into 1st-wint. plumage. Dark, scalloped wings nearly covered by new pale grey back feathers, c. three-quarters into 1st winter plumage. It was preening constantly (to help moult) and occasionally showed the 'bully-boy' behaviour of all Med Gulls by dashing over to peck it's neighbour, for no apparent reason. Would have made excellent photo! "

Thanks for the report Roger.

Now the Mistle Thrush would have been a life tick for me as well as a patch tick...the Common Gull would have been a patch tick.
I wish I had your identification skills especially with the gulls .

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