Sunday, 6 September 2009

No Goose

Called at Par in the evening but once again nothing to report bar the usual residents. The tide was in and the shoreline was devoid of birds. A few gulls were bobbing on the waves but nothing else showed. The Brent Goose that Roger saw yesterday was not seen but it could have been at Spit out of sight. As Angie's fingers were continuing to play up we decided to call it a night and head home rather than walk down to Spit.


  1. I never seem to see Jackdaws round here, I'm sure I did some years ago. I have just been looking through some of your recent posts I have missed and loved the picture of the Rock Pipit, I have never seen one but of course we are too far inland here. I enjoyed looking at the water birds on previous posts too most of which I have only seen in books. Lovely photos!

  2. Hello ShySongbird.
    Your comment on the scarcity of Jackdaws surprises me somewhat..I thought they were everywhere like the Rooks and Crows. Your comments about living inland and not seeing water and coastal birds set me thinking about what is common here maybe a rarity elsewhere. It is something I will try and remember . A recent seawatch at Pendeen Cornwall would have given me nineteen (yes nineteen) life ticks if I had attended. Room for thought.


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