Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lonely Planet

Well it was a lonesome visit to the Baywatch site this afternoon. Angie was at work and we knew an evening visit was a no-go off I went on my own.

I drove down to the far rough park to see what was on the shoreline if anything. The heavens had opened up and a fair old wind was blowing offshore and not a soul in sight. It was a case of waterproofs or stay in the car...out comes the wellies, waterproof trousers and camouflaged poncho to keep the rain off. Yes it was Clint Eastwood all over again......not really but we all dream at times.

Walking down with bowed head the wind caught the poncho and opened it out like gulls wings. I managed to extract my bins ( no way was I risking the camera) and tried to focus on the flock of waders on the shoreline. A combination of rain and strong winds put paid to that...the bins were jumping around like a learner driver stalling an engine and to make matters worse they saw me, took off, circled around and landed back twenty yards up the beach. Then I had a brainwave.. I thought I would walk out to sea and approach like Ursula Andress (but not so pretty). Now this worked to a degree. They were too busy to notice me coming out of the sea.....but with the wind behind me I took off like Usain Bolt sucking a Fishermans Friend. I did notice a lone Dunlin as I swept past..the others ..who knows... Turnstones , Sanderlings or Ringed Plovers.
Apologies to anyone watching who thought I was auditioning for the Birdman of Alcaltraz.


  1. Not the best of days to go out lol
    Enjoyed your description though :)

  2. Thanks. It was truly awful weather... but surprisingly I returned dry as a bone thanks to the waterproofs.

  3. Your discription made me laugh, especially the bit abour usain bolt! Great blog. Your photgraphs are brilliant. Will be catching up with you more often.

  4. Hello avalon.

    Thank you for dropping by and your kind comments.


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