Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Young Sparrow ?

House Sparrow ................Passer domesticus
I believe this to be a young juvenile House Sparrow. The head-on view confuses rather than helps.


  1. Lovely shot, and he's certainly posing for you; but I'm inclined to think it's probably a Lesser Whitethroat rather than a Sparrow.

  2. Hello holdingmoments

    Now I hope I have not confused you with the picture. The photograph was one from the archives (camera is still being repaired) taken sometime in June. Being a head on shot has caused confusion and I was inclined to agree with you about it being a Whitethroat as It never rested comfortable with me as a Sparrow.
    So I sent it off to the Bird Forum for Identification and it came back as a young Sparrow.

  3. Well, it confused me lol
    I've had a look at some video footage of a young Sparrow, and they do look very similar.
    Sparrow it is then ;)


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