Friday, 14 August 2009

Flock of Waders.

I had a report from Roger Lane about a small flock c 30 of waders that may have come in from Spit on the evening tide (sighting 13-08-09 at 7-30pm) that eventually landed at the dock end of Par Beach. In Roger's words
"They eventually landed and flock was composed of c.half i.e. 15 x G.Ringed Plover, up to 10 x Dunlin and c.5 Sanderling (both adults and juveniles of each, a confusing assembly!)."

Roger also saw a lone Common Sandpiper that flew down the Par River towards Spit.
He also drew my attention to the heavy algal pollution that is killing the fish with the Charlestown area the worst affected.
Further news bulletins on local and regional news.

Roger has been watching the area for twenty years or more and must have a vast knowledge of his three disciplines , Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies to go with his records from 1990 onwards.

He has kindly offered to assist in areas that I find difficult and I have gladly accepted.

Thanks for the report Roger

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