Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ropehaven Trail

The beginning of the cliff top walk from Ropehaven to Duporth is so overgrown that it is almost impassable. The path is a maximum of one foot wide (less in places) with nettles and hedgerow waist high on both sides.


  1. Hi Trevor, we have followed the instructions on the flag counter but can't get it to paste to our blog, how did you do it?
    Regards John

  2. Now this is tricky. The first blog I tried it on I lost my stat counters and it would not let me have both up. Some templates may not let you do it ..I am not sure about this. The only way I got it to work was by trial and error putting the code in at a different place and if the new code would not save I tried again. I wish I could give you concrete instructions John but I am afraid I cannot. Whatever you your blog template before messing.

  3. The A&T blog will not let me put up the Reactions. I have tried and tried but it will not work on the blog. Good luck with the Flags.


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