Saturday, 27 June 2009

Close to the Small Wood at Par

Does anyone know what this represents ? (china clay?)


  1. My only thoughts are something to do with sitting, thinking and pondering, until I saw the door and that threw me.
    I know if I need to think something out I go sit on the stairs, many a good idea has been hatched by me sitting pondering on the stairs.
    I am probably seeing this from a totally wrong angle.


  2. The walk where the statue is situated is the walk to the Eden Project and I believe the land is owned by the Council. There is said to be a statue of Pegasus a little further up the walk, although I have not seen it myself and there are in fact statues all the way along the walk. The statue in question is at the closest point to Fowey, and I believe it is linked to Daphne Du Maurier, but I shall contact the Council and do some further research.

  3. Adding further to this... I wonder if each item in the statue depicts a well known section from a different book, i.e. the great door at Navron House; Descending the grand stairs in "Rebecca"; "The stairs beckon her but she contnues on to the kitchen"... Possibly Jamaica Inn. Need to find a link with the drapes. The books speak for themselves.

  4. Interesting theories. I suspect you are on the right lines with the Daphne Du Maurier aspect.
    Maybe the books,door,drapes and staircase represent the journey in symbolic form to higher knowledge.

  5. It is only in the eyes of the artist who created the statue! What about a link to Barbara Hepworth? I may be getting out of my depth!


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