Monday, 25 May 2009

Tonights Walk.(Two Ticks)

Two House Sparrows (patch tick..I know) were feeding on the stone makeshift bird table in front of the car park attendants hut .

Three Goldfinches were seen but not photographed along the *Gorse Walk* . They continually stayed one jump ahead which was demoralizing as I hopefully tried to outfox them.

The Sandwich Terns were again just offshore, eight in total. As I tried to creep up to them to take a photograph with my 400mm lens I was thinking of our counties King Of Digiscoping ..Mr John Rowe
A Cormorant landed in the middle of them and off they went into the grey distance. Now John would have had them ,done and dusted and ready for his blog. So, I suppose the next time I must think of a guy with a wide angle lens.

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