Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Report from Roger Lane. (30thDec 2009)

" High-tide and high numbers of cars at Par today meant few birds, anyone would think it's a B.Hol.! In fact due to people everywhere there were ZERO birds of any interest. The only interest to me was the fact that the tides are high enough again to enter the Pool, 2 'blues' were showing below the read, today only the red was visible ! So I went the Manoa Valley and Porthpean, neither of which was productive, as follows:

I visited the St.Aust.Sew.Wks in the Manoa Valley, but due to the high air temps (9degsC) and the weak sun, the small birds were well dispersed, some high in trees due to low wind-chill. However, I was able to find c.10 +, Goldcrests and at least 20+, Chiffchaffs. But the L.T.Tits were out roaming probably outside the Sew.Wks.
Moving on to Porthpean, the high-tide and B.Hol.visitors, did not help, but managed to find the following: 20+, Fulmars (many on ledges); 3+, Guillemots; 1+, Razorbill; 2 x Comm.Scoter; 6 x GNDivers and 3 x BTDivers, the latter sleek and active, making the GNDs look cumbersome!"

Thanks again Roger for the report.
Things are starting to hot up a little with more reports coming in.
I agree the conditions were not ideal for us birders but I guess they were perfect for other activities.

Report from John Rance 30th December 2009

"Had a look round 'the patch' today.

Not a lot to report on PBP- no sign of the Goldeneye, although since yesterday's rain the water is now very muddy and hence probably putting the diving ducks off a bit- only one Tufty for instance.
All usual gulls/waterfowl plus 5 Teal.

Couldn't track down the Ybr Warbler at St Andrew's Lake ( busy with dogs and kids) but 1 Water Rail 'showing well' as they say. Also another calling in the distance, but not seen. Other than that, 1 Willow Tit, 5 Siskin and 1 Treecreeper."

Thanks for the report John.
The Willow Tit and Siskins will be added to the latest Sightings List.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Report from Geoff Barter

"Notable sightings over the Xmas period

Water Rail Par Beach Pool every day from 24th -28th
Common Snipe 50 + on the 27th PBP
Jack Snipe 1 on the 28th PBP
Med Gull 1 w 28th West river mouth
Peregrine on 27th/28th
GN diver 25/26 par harbour /Spit
Stonechats 2 both males 1at east end 1 at west end 28th late PM
small numbers of the usual waders plus

Redshank 2
Ringed plover 3
Dunlin 5

Yellow browed Warbler -St Andrews pool pm on the 27th showed well but silent

No sightings of yourself ! maybe next time

good birding & all the best for 2010"

Thanks for the report Geoff.
More additions to the Par Latest Sightings List.
Sorry I missed you over the holiday...maybe next time you visit.
Have a good year in your neck of the woods.

Report from Roger Lane. (29th Dec 2009)

"Despite the weather (!) I tried first Porthpean then, inevitably Par. Sea-fog so bad at P'pean, and worsening, job to reverse up the slipway ! Bit better at Par. Anyway, didn't see a lot but better than nowt.

Got to Porthpean about 2.30pm, rain eventually stopped and thickening sea-fog took over. Before the blanket fog arrived I did manage to see: 2 +, Guillemots; 20+, Fulmars; 6 +, GNDivers and 1 x BTDiver.
On to Par, too dark and rough (high-tide) to see anything from western car-park, so back to PBP only to find the male Gadwall had been joined by 2 females, not only that but all 3 were swimming with the female Goldeneye (from yesterday). Presumably since all 4 have visible white 'speculums' ! All went to roost behind the island, not seen again after 3.45pm."

Thanks for the report Roger.
I can see I am falling some way behind at the moment. Visitors have arrived and I am effectively grounded for a while.
When I do get sorted the Baywatch List should take off!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Report from Roger Lane. (28th Dec 2009)

"Visited Par at 3pm to 4pm (Mon.28thDec'09) after a fruitless day elsewhere due to the SE wind. Not much hope, being high-tide and littered with people, no room to stop at the Pool even, but a gap up at the western car-park enabled me to see the same old 6 x GCGrebes, but also in the Par River mouth amongst scores of B.H.Gulls was: 1 x MED.Gull, a 1st-winter half hidden by the waves, so not immediately obvious.
Back to the Pool about 3.45pm, room to park then, but failing light. 'Scoped the pool for duck or whatever and saw something diving close in 'under' the island, only the small white wing patches and rapidity of diving gave it away as 1 x GOLDENEYE (female). Once annual and common at Par, not so now."

Thanks for the report Roger.
The Goldeneye is another one for the latest sightings list.

Grey Plover.

The Grey Plover Photographed at Spit Beach by Nigel Climpson.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Grey Plover at Spit Beach

I had an email from Nigel Climpson yesterday (sorry about the delay). He notified me of a sighting of a Grey Plover at Spit Beach which he duly photographed.. Two Great Northern Divers were also in the harbour. "One appeared to have a 'crossbill' but is obviously surviving."

Thanks for the report Nigel.
The Grey Plover will be added to the Latest Patch Sightings list.

Report from Roger Lane. (26th-27th Dec 2009)

"I visited Par each day over the Xmas weekend i.e. 26th, 27th , but little changes! Species thought to be present all weekend on PBP were: 2+, Tufted Duck; 1 x Gadwall; 2+, Snipe and probably Comm.Gulls most days.
On Par Beach were the ubiqitous Oystercatchers; 10+; Turnstones; 5+, G.Ringed Plover and 5+, Dunlin. On the 26th only, there was a fly-past of c.20 Curlews, too early for their roost they flew on to the Gribben fields.
In Par Bay were no more than 6 of the original 9 GCGrebes, indeed have not seen more than 7 for weeks (2 moved on?) and 1+, GNDiver.
The 'best' afternoon was today on the Gribben road and looking west (from SX096524) across farm-land to Penhale Farm S. (Ref: SX105525), where there were 50+, Redwings; 20+, Fieldfares and 30+, Lapwings. Happy New Year !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
Happy New Year to you and all readers.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Report from Roger Lane. (22nd Dec 2009)

"Visited Par briefly this afternoon,22ndDec'09, the Pool was still 80% ice. The 3 Shovelor had apparently gone, but there were 5+ Snipe; 5+ Teal and 1 x GADWALL (male), only rarely showed it's white speculum. All birds (incl. yesterday's Shovelor) were keeping close to the island where the open water is.
Par Bay, although calm, was rather quiet, to say the least ! Just 6 of the 9 GCGrebes and 1 x GND waiting to enter the inner harbour as the tide rose. Presumably 1 of the 2 Mark saw. It was a whole 6 degsC at Par today !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
Snipe and Gadwall are two new ones to the pool. I must try to get there tomorrow to see them.

Manoa Valley

Decided I would give Par a miss and go down the Manoa Valley. I was rewarded by the sight of a number of Goldcrests in the trees but they were a little too fast or hidden by branches to get a good photograph. Much the same applies to the Wrens I saw which generally I find hard to locate I saw four or five of 'em.
Others birds seen were a Grey and Pied Wagtail, Rooks, Crows ,Blue Tit and two Song Thrushes in a field.
I probably did not get a good image today but I consider it a good days birding.


A common sight at Par last month.

Report from Roger Lane. (21st Dec 2009)

"At Par today, (21stDec'09, the shortest day?) it was cold with the Pool still 80% frozen. However, there were 3 x Shoveler (2male & 1 fem) in the ice-free areas. Did I miss them yesterday I wonder !
In Par Bay were the 'usual' 2 x GNDivers and 8 of the 9 GCGrebes. Because the tide was further out (late aft.) there was a sprinkling of waders in Par Rivermouth, including the usual Oystercatchers; 10+, Turnstones and 1 Redshank (doubtles from the few wintering in the inner harbour). Also the two L.Egrets flew up the Par River. All really rather disappointing, had expected more variety in this extremely cold weather."

Thanks for the report Roger.
I missed the Shoveler when I visited at 10.00hrs yesterday...maybe they hadn't yet arrived.

Monday, 21 December 2009


The pool was of course St Andrews not St Anthony's as previously stated. Thanks Mark for making me think.

It Was Not Hot Mum

Today was my first visit to the Baywatch site for over a week (car off the road)
The PBP was frozen over with only a small channel of ice free water where most of the remaining residents were congregating. Nothing much to see as Roger had reported in an earlier post last week. The odd gull landing was a little comical as it applied the landing gear and slid a few yards across the pool.
The small stuff had the sense to remain covered in the sub zero conditions.
On the foreshore were the usual Oystercatchers, Turnstones in the salad bowl, Rock Pipits and a dozen plus Ringed Plover at the waters edge.
A trip to St Anthony's was again fruitless as only the usual Mallards etc and a couple of Teal were seen. No Yellow Browed Warbler.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Report from Roger Lane. (20th Dec 2009)

"At Par B.Pond virtually nothing, due to ice cover ! In Par Bay however, there were 2+, GCGrebes, 2 x GNDivers and unusually, a small flock of 4 x Black Throated Divers, diving frequently except for one preening session. Watched them swim and fish across Par Bay, visiting Polkerris and returning west, but not easy to see ! Certainly not lending themselves to photography ! Remember any close group of three or more Divers, is likely to be B.T.Divers at this time of year (and the flocks have reached 3-figures in Veryan Bay, in years gone bye) !!!
Best Wishes, and all the best for Christmas, "

Thanks for the report Roger.
Happy Christmas to you also.
I am hoping to get a visit in sometime tomorrow.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Report from Roger Lane.

"Yes, the Y.B.Warbler was on Birdguides simply ar "Par". I wondered which bit ! No doubt it will winter now, along with Chiffchaffs which 'live' in the Tywardreath Marsh, but on sunny days inhabit the willows on the island (in centre of pond).
Did have C'walls second overwintering one with the chiffchaff flock at St.Austell Sew. Wks, in the late '90s I think !

Par Beach Pool: 2-2.30pm: 2 x Tufted Duck; 1 x Dabchick and 3+, Comm.Gulls. Out in Par Bay were 1 x GNDiver; 6+ of the GCGrebes and a SEAL ! (Same one Mark saw?). Back on the beach were the usual Oystercatchers; 5+, Turnstones and 2+ G.Ringed Plovers, doubtless from the flock Mark saw in the Harbour, since about 20 winter there."

Thanks for the reports Roger.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Report from Geoff Barter

"RBA are reporting a Yellow Browed Warbler in the reed bed at St Andrews road pool"

Thanks for the report Geoff.
I hope I get my car back tomorrow to go and search for it.

Posing Blue Tit

Blue Tit ........Parus caeruleus

Posing Great Tit (soft focus)

Great Tit ....Parus major

Report from Roger Lane. (Wed. 16th Dec 2009)

" Too cold for butterflies, but the Bay was delightfully smooth, despite which the Bay was rather empty for mid-Dec. Porthpean was quite reasonable, relatively speaking, spent an afternoon hour there. Results as follows:
Porthpean 2.30 to 3.30pm, flat calm, half tide: 4+, Guillemots; 7+, Comm.Scoter; 5+, GNDivers and 1 x BTDiver. At 3.15pm a flock of 6 more B.T.Divers surfaced for preening, dived, and were never seen again ! Main interest however, was a pair (male + female) of Grey Seals. Markings showed them to be the P'pean to Black Head resident pair. At Par there was very little ! Par Bay held 6+ of the full GCGrebe complement, and 1 x GNDiver."

Thanks for the report Roger.
Still off the road at the moment but hopefully back on Saturday.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Report from Mark Whittaker

"In addition to what Roger has seen today I had a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the wilderness area of pbp and 3 Goldcrest's.

It's well worth getting down to Par Harbour (Spit Beach Side) at high tide as two friendly Great Northern Divers are fishing there most days atm.. Gorgeous birds and managed to get some good pictures. Also a seal was seen in there a few days back."

Thanks for the report Mark

Report from Roger Lane.(Tue 15th Dec 2009)

"Around the Bay today, Tues.15thDec'09 were the following sundries: Trenarren: Grn.W'Pecker; Duporth Woods: 50+, Redwings; and 1 x Red Admiral in Mt.Edgecombe Hospice Gdns! This afternoon at Tregaminion were 20+, Redwings and 6+ Pheasants (3 Black); Kilmarth: 20+, Redwings. Down at Polkerris it was possible to see 50% of the Bay in calm conditions, but on the Harbour Wall was the Black Redstart seen last week. It was surprisingly poor for sea-birds in the Bay (see note below), with only 6+, GNDivers and 2+, BTDivers, plus two unidentified sea-duck sp. which flew rapidly into the Bay and hopefully stayed. Par was it's usual quiet self, with just 4+, Tufted Ducks on the Pool (slowly lowering it's level now the sluice gate is partially up), and light was so bad could only find 3 of the 9 GCGrebes known to be in the Bay!
Note: The number of Divers in the Bay is just about the smallest number I've known for December. This has happened in previous winters, 'plagued' by S/SW gales. There is usually a corresponding increase in numbers seen in Carbis Bay (well watched), and I suspect that is the case now i.e.sheltered from S/SW gales."

Thanks for the report Roger.
Some interesting birds. The Green Woodpecker would be a patch and life tick for me also the Black Redstart would be an addition to the Baywatch List.
Still waiting about and expect another day or so at least.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Roger Lane Reports (Mon 15th Dec 2009)

" Visited Porthpean and Par today, not a lot to shout about, but at least something ! At Porthpean it was high tide (which is usually BAD for birdwatching, despite what you hear about "fishing the high tide" !). More importantly it was relatively calm, but there was very little to see, just:- 4 x Common Scoter (asleep on water); 2 x Guillemots and 4 x G.N.Divers, fishing. Not even a single Fulmar !
At Par B.Pool there were only a 'few' (2 or 3) Tufted Duck. In Par Bay, (very calm but poor light) there were only the resident 9 x G.C.Grebes and 1 x G.N.Diver. If it gets much colder we might expect some movement of wildfowl from the North, singles on pond and groups (Teal & Wigeon) in the Bay."

Thanks for the Report Roger. Glad to see the computer is up and running again.
Now I just need to get my car back.

Latest Sightings. Sun 13th Dec 2009.

Shoveler and Pochard can be added to the PBP list also Redwings have been seen at Kilmarth and Menabilly Barton.
Unfortunately I have yet to see any of these recent additions as I have been grounded for a little while and expect another day or so of inactivity at least.
All sightings were made on Sunday 13th December by Roger Lane.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Rainy Day Jackdaw Bluuuueeeees

Jackdaw ............Corvus monedula

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Par River looking Upstream

Friday, 11 December 2009

Par Beach Pool Coot

Coot ..................Fulica atra

Par Images.

River Par Looking Downstream.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Par Image

Smoke contrasting with the sky as it billows out of Imery's China Clay Works.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Visited the site at 1415 hrs and noticed the Canada Geese were back on the pool.
I have noticed my afternoon visits are very disappointing bird wise and today was no exception.
The Stonechats that I look forward to seeing were hiding again today. The beach and foreshore held its usual Gulls, Oystercatchers and the odd Turnstone. There were also a few Oystercatchers feeding on the grass around the caravan park and playground area.
I walked upstream after seeing a Grey Wagtail ..but again I could not get close enough for a worthwhile shot. While I was doing this a Kingfisher flashed past going downstream but he was far too fast to follow . The Wilderness and Woods were empty ..but I suppose having to rely only on my eyes I miss quite alot.

Monday, 7 December 2009

On the Posing Post

Black-headed Gull ........Larus ridibundus

Par at Low Tide.


Another quick visit to PBP. The sun came out of the clouds at 1400hrs and I was off to the site.
The depth of the pool had dropped an inch or two on the marker. Whether it had been drained or not I do not know...Roger Lane is the authority on things like that and he has been missing for a week or more now. Anybody seeing him please leave a message on this blog as I would like to know everything is okay.
My last two visits have not produced any Canada Geese...maybe the water level is too high and they are elsewhere. I will keep the blog updated on this issue.
Very little was seen on the visit, just the usual residents on the pool . The woodland birds did a fantastic job of disappearing as I did not see any close enough to photograph.
Nothing unusual on the shoreline so it was left to a poser on the post to supply today's photograph.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Friends of Par Beach

I had an interesting email from a Michelle O'Shea who happened to stumble across my blog.
Michelle drew my attention to the group called Friends of Par Beach (FOPB)

"Friends of Par Beach is a group open to those who are interested in the conservation of Par Beach with its associated areas including the adjoining nature reserve, and its use of those areas for community activities. "

The Baywatch blog has much in common with this group of people and suggests readers have a look at the site and see what conservation issues are taking place now and in the future.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wiggle Not Wagtail.

Pied Wagtail .........Motacilla alba yarrellii

Hypnotized Pied Wagtail.

I managed to snatch a very quick visit between the rain and hail storms. Nothing really to report bird wise. It was a cold biting wind on the forshore so I ventured up the Par River after seeing a couple of Grey Wagtails flying about. Although I have seen them on numerous occasions I cannot get close enough for a decent was no exception. The only worthwhile photograph I took was of a Pied Wagtail. I am sure he felt sorry for me as he remained still long enough for a photograph or he was hypnotized by the lens protruding from the cars open window.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Report from Mark Whittaker.

"Had a hour at Porthpean today 12-1pm then gave up because of the weather.

3 x Fulmar
1 x Peregrine
1 x Guillemot
Lets hope the weather improves"

Thanks for the report Mark.

At least one brave soul ventured out. Conditions need to improve fast.

Latest Stonechat.

Stonechat ...........Saxicola torquata
Photographed two days ago at Par during a brief spell of fine weather.
The wet weather continues stayed dry and watched the back garden birds.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Feeding Dunnock

Dunnock ...........Prunella modularis.

The Dunnock's were out in force yesterday around the poolside grass and the rough park areas.

Rainy Day Blues.

Rain stops play again today.
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